The first day of the rest of my life…

… was supposed to be a week ago Monday, then it got postponed until Friday. Inevitably Friday came and went so absolutely it was gonna start on the following Monday. Today is Tuesday and tomorrow, for sure, I will start my running regime.

My running history in a small nut shell:

New Years 2007 my sister and I signed up for the Disneyland 1/2 marathon with the goal of starting to run. Neither of us are athletic nor had any desire to run before this. We started off slow and built up our mileage. We completed that race and then trained for another one, the Run Surf City half, which we completed February 2008. I will spare you the gory details except for this, Disney was 100 degrees and Huntington beach was pouring down rain. Not ideal race conditions, but we completed them and felt accomplished and proud.
I haven’t run consistently since, yet all the while fantasizing about various races I want to complete. You kinda gotta run to be a runner! My sister however has continued to kick ass and has completed 2 half marathons since. To get my own ass in gear, I signed up for the Carlsbad half- marathon scheduled for January 2010. It is daunting and frustrating to have to build up my mileage again. I am so out of shape, I can’t believe I let myself go like this… waah, waah, waah. Oh well, enough, I have to move on. I am starting with a beginner training schedule that I found on line. It is ten weeks, 3 times a week. It looks like this:
Week 1- 2 min run, 3 min walk x4
Week 2- 3 min run, 3 min walk x4
Week 3- 4 min run 4 min walk x4
Week 4- 6 min run, 4 min walk x3
Week 5- 6 min run, 3 min walk x3
Week 6- 8 min run, 3 min walk x2
Week 7- 10 min run, 2 min walk x2
Week 8- 12 min run, 3 min walk x2
Week 9- 15 min run, 2 min walk x2
Week 10 – 30 min run

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