Comic Con report 2011 Baby Wearing Rocks

Comic Con was different this year. It was busy and not 100% fun. I think the preregistration for 2012 being such a fiasco tainted the whole weekend. Alas, we got our tickets for next year with a lot of effort from dear hubby. Looking back, I did enjoy myself and have mostly positive memories and I can’t wait for next year.

This was the second year that we brought the baby. Last year he was only 7 weeks old. If you have been to Comic Con, you know that pushing a stroller around is next to impossible. I really feel sorry for those folks with strollers or wheelchairs for that matter. The husband ran into a couple with a newborn in a stroller. He was telling them about bringing our guy when he was about the same age. He told them that we had worn the baby. The wife indicated that she had wanted to do the same but her husband didn’t like the idea.

The obvious and in my opinion, only option at Comic Con is baby wearing. Getting around is so much easier and having the little one close so that you can check in with them is awesome. Baby got his best naps while being worn around the show floor. He found the hotel room too interesting and couldn’t relax enough to sleep. I noticed that most every other conventioneer with a baby/toddler had the same idea. I saw a lot of Ergos, a few Bjorns, a Moby and one person with a Beco Gemini. Hubby and I have a Beco Butterfly 2. (Last year we alternated between the BB2 and the Moby.) Here are a couple shots from last year.

I was still learning how to use the Moby at the time, I realize now that if I had spread the fabric over my shoulders, it would have been way more comfortable. The wrap was a challenge to use with a newborn, especially one that hated to be confined. Eventually, the Moby had its place in our life, mostly at parties when I wanted to be able to get baby in and out of the carrier with ease. The Beco Butterfly 2 has been our favorite.


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  1. Do you still use the BB2? Now that Liam is walking I rarely use my carriers, but when I do I am SO glad to have them! In certain circumstances they really make all the difference.

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