Our Little Ladybug

I wanted to make a ladybug costume for our baby girl. I figured a regular pattern made with a print that resembled a ladybug would work. I used McCalls pattern 5610. It was fairly easy to make, although I realized that my garment making skills were rusty. I learned some things and plan on sewing more clothes for this little peanut. I will get plenty of practice. I had read some reviews of the pattern that said the bloomers were too puffy. I found them delightful, super cute and yes, puffy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture of the bloomers. I love that this is more of a pants and top outfit as opposed to a dress and panty. From what I hear, dresses are a real frustration when it comes to crawling. Baby girl isn’t crawling yet but will be soon enough. This top is short enough to stay out of the way while crawling and yet frilly enough to be girly. I will be making this pattern again.

I started this pattern at the beginning of October and should have made the next size up. By the time Halloween arrived, I had to squeeze the little miss into the top. She looked adorable. The antennae, purchased from the pet department, really made the costume.


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