Richard Walker’s pancake house

Sunday, Nas and I tried a different breakfast place. Richard Walker’s Pancake House is downtown on Front street. This place operates with a line system, meaning when you get there, line up and the host seats you when you get to the front of the line. The line was pretty big when we arrived. I thought it would take at least 45 minutes and ran down the street to buy some coffee, leaving Nasr to hold the line. I was heading to Starbucks on 4th and Market, a semi long trek from the restaurant. I got to First and Market, literally one block away, and noticed a Lion Coffee shop. I stopped in and picked up a cup. I hurried back to the restaurant, the line had moved considerably while I was gone. Our potential breakfast/new restaurant experience got exponentially better knowing that we wouldn’t have to wait as long as initially thought. I can’t imagine we waited longer than 20 minutes although my gauge might be off because of my side trip. As we got toward the front of the line, the hostess gave us a menu to look at. They have some pretty unique looking things. Some of the menu items are very similar to the Original Pancake House (OPH), our ultimate favorite breakfast place. It would be interesting to try these common items and compare them, especially the Dutch baby/ German pancake.

After looking at the menu, I decided on the Dutch Harvest. It is a baked “pancake” filled with veggies and topped with cheese. I am a traditional pancake girl, ordering this was quite a departure from my typical preferences. By the time we sat and ordered, I knew we would be back and I would be able to taste their traditional panners so I felt comfortable with my adventurous choice. Nasr ordered the spinach crepes, yipee something vegetarian so I was able to taste it. His crepes were good and he liked them. He got the potato pancakes on the side. I really loved my food, but it was impossible to finish, way too big.

Another note of importance, the coffee. We are so used to OPH and their manner of serving you coffee every 2 sips, that we are spoiled when we go anywhere else. Most other places we are lucky to get 2 full cups through out the entire meal, often the refill comes after having sat for a very long time with an empty cup. Well, Richard Walker’s is a tough rival to OPH. The server was like a coffee ninja filling my cup without my even noticing, sometimes before I was ready to have it filled throwing off my coffee/creamer ratio. Speaking of, they serve real cream for their coffee, just like OPH. It looks like our favorite breakfast place just got some competition. I am totally looking forward to going back. Check out their menu.


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