Custom Boo Kaniza

Boo is our 15 year old Persian cat. We adopted him about 10 or 11 years ago, it’s easy to lose track. I was hesitant to adopt an adult cat but someone at work was looking for a home for Boo so we took him. At the time, we had another cat called Jazz. He was a huge Tabby and would bully Boo like crazy. As a result, Boo was aloof and frankly very strange. One day, Jazz went outside and never came home. We are quite sure he became King of the Coyotes, wearing a crown made out of bird bones and a rabbit pelt cape, or Boo took a hit out on him. Either way, he was gone and our house was better for it, even though I was sad at the time.

Boo slowly became friendly and loving. Yet still strange, sometimes he would stare at us from a distance, we joked that he was studying us and then reporting back to the Mother Ship his findings. As he has gotten to know us and trust us, he has become one of the most social cats I have ever met. To the point of hanging out amongst the action when we have parties. Now that he is older he has become a bit needy and if he could have his way, we would hang out at home all day sitting on the couch so that he could nestle in our laps. Nasr’s lap trumps mine unless I have the blanket, then it is a tough call.

Like I’ve said before, I think Boo is the cutest most interesting looking cat I have ever seen. I like to pay tribute to him as often as sanely possible with out seeming like a crazy cat lady. Thus I present my custom kaniza ala Boo.


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