More sewing for baby: My first quilt

I decided I wanted to make a quilt for baby. I went online and searched for “free easy baby quilt pattern”. I got several great results but ultimately settled on the Urban Baby quilt by Valori Wells.

I used various space and robot themed fabrics. It is definitely a crazy quilt. Sewing together the top was fairly easy, it was doing the “sandwich” and actual quilting that was challenging. I was glad that the blanket was relatively small. For the quilting, I tried to “stitch in the ditch” on the the sewing machine. It was so hard to stay in between the seams and it started to look messy. I was getting so frustrated until I decided to switch to a pretty zig-zag stitch. I’m sure this isn’t the proper way to quilt, but it served my purpose. I also machine stitched the binding. I am really satisfied with how that turned out. I wasn’t sure how to do a proper mitered corner but just kind of played with it until it worked.


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