Prepping the Baby’s Room


We’ve been busy around here preparing for our little one’s arrival. We painted his room blue. I had initially wanted something less obvious for a boy but ultimately decided that blue matched the fabric I had picked out and he would be able to grow with the color. I sewed two bed skirts, one for the crib and one for the day bed that will remain in his room for the time being. I used the pattern from Amy Butler’s book, Little Stitches for Little Ones. It was easy and I am happy with the results.

I also felt the need to do some fabric dying. The largest project was the chair cover. We had a red Tulsta chair from Ikea. I bought a white slip cover and some orange RIT dye. I used a large plastic tub that we have around to put drinks and ice during parties.

I was nervous to use my wash machine because I had heard that it can stain the tub and I wasn’t sure of the results as I have some “fancy” HE washer that doesn’t fill with water until you close the lid, which then locks unless you push pause, in which case all the water then drains out. I had great results using the large plastic tub and hot water. I kept the fabric in the dye for an hour. Technically you are supposed to stir the fabric for 30 mins but this was too much for my back. I did stir it in 5 minute intervals with no set pattern. I tried to keep all of the fabric submerged for the whole hour.
At first, I was concerned that the color might be too bright. Now that I have lived with it a while and see how it works in the room, I am satisfied. I had such success with the slip cover, I decided to dye the white duvet cover for the day bed a nice apple green. The color couldn’t have been more perfect.
All in all, I am more than pleased with how baby’s room came together. I can’t wait to show it to him.

The posters we found online from The Land of Nod. The crib is the Gulliver in birch from Ikea. It got great reviews online. I love the small foot print and that it comes with everything needed to convert to a toddler bed. The price was nice too, about $150.



  1. Is that an Ikea shelf? Was was thinking of getting the 20 cubby version of it… How has it held up? I want to use it in the basement for all the kid stuff.

    • Yes, that is the Ikea Expedit shelf. It has held up well. It is really a solid piece of furniture. We are currently using the shelf on its side as a changing station for our now toddler. As a result, it gets its fair share of use. We love Ikea shelving and haven’t had an issue with any of the pieces being flimsy or falling apart after time. After our most recent purchase, a bank of cabinets from the Besta line, The Husband admitted he is getting tired of putting the furniture together.

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