Adventures in Cooking up a baby: Crying in public

Today I had a prenatal appointment. I am currently 24 weeks. I’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow. They did the usual, protein-in-the-pee test, weight, then blood pressure. Not sure why they think it is a good idea to take your BP after they weight you. At any rate, my blood pressure is fine. The midwife said she is happy with my weight gain so far, about 6 lbs in total, especially since I was “over weight to begin with”. I could tell she didn’t buy my low thyroid function theory. (I test within Kaiser’s normal range) Even when I explained that as soon as I became pregnant, I lost 10 lbs.(When you are overweight, the health care providers always assume that you eat like crap and don’t exercise.) In fact, one appointment I went in and had lost 2 lbs by their scale and she was concerned it was because I had morning sickness, I explained that wasn’t the case, and she said, “Oh well maybe you have just cleaned up your act.” Nasr stuck up for me on that one, because I do eat healthy. My conclusion is that pregnancy has boosted my thyroid function. I’m also hoping that pregnancy will permanently fix my hormone levels as well. Everything else with my pregnancy looks fine. Baby looks and sounds great.

I had to book my next two appointments on my way out. I am so stressed about taking so much time off for appointments. Especially when Kaiser only has appointments in the middle of the day that would have me driving to Clairemont for work, only to leave at 10:30 to drive to Kaiser El Cajon and then back to work in Clairemont. I broke down crying at the reception desk when there were no appointments available at a decent time. The lady I’m sure is used to crazy pregnant ladies so she was really nice to me and went out of her way to find some appointments that would better suit my schedule. She didn’t just book the next two, she booked all my appointments until the end of May. I feel like such a silly person crying. In looking back, I think it was the weight conversation that upset me and the appointment issues were the final straw.



  1. I've so been there with the getting upset over one thing only to later realize you were actually still upset about something that had happened prior. Sometimes the little things just add up. That midwife was clearly ignorant. Anytime someone makes a blanket assumption and lumps everyone together with no room for individual variations or exceptions it drives me bonkers – ESPECIALLY in the medical field – and I can just imagine how it would have felt were I in your shoes. Belated hugs. 🙂

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