Week 1- Project 365

For 2013 I decided to do a photo-a-day challenge, 365 pictures representing the year. Here is week one of fifty-two.

New Year’s day the whole family was hanging out on our bed. The boy decided he wanted to be in only his diaper. This was a new request for him.
This past Fall, our little Dwarf Orange tree was host to several Orange Dog Caterpillars. I left them to feed on my tree. The tree hasn’t been much of a producer in the way of fruit. I figured some creature should be able to benefit from it. We had about 12 caterpillars in all. Slowly they all left, except for one. We were blessed with a single chrysalis. From my research, it seems this little fella will hang out until the weather is warmer. In time, we may be blessed to see the swallow-tail butterfly that emerges. Then we will have seen the full life cycle.
Pretty Plastic.
Boo has been with us almost since the beginning. He is old now 18 years old. I remembered today that he used to wear our shoes. He would put his two front paws in our shoes and it looked like he was wearing them. I can’t remember the last time he did that and it made me a bit sad that I almost forgot.
I had first heard about informal milk sharing a while ago and thought it was kind of weird. I was led to a Facebook page that helped mamas coordinate and network the sharing of breastmilk. Having a small stockpile of milk in my freezer that was approaching its best-use-by-date, I reached out. Today I gave my small stash to a mommy and her baby. It didn’t feel weird at all.
Three people I love; my sister and my two kids.



  1. Great idea! Not sure I could limit myself to one photo. Of course mine aren’t artistic like yours, so that’s probably why. You’d have to see at least 3 of them to get the idea. ;-P Of course the other problem is I’d forget a day (or a week) and then it would be recorded, forever driving me crazy. Looking forward to seeing more of yours. 🙂

    • You are so right. I’ve heard from others who have done this that it can be difficult at times. I think some days I might just be glad to get something posted even if it ends up being from my outdated camera phone.

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