My Running Partner

running partner watermark
This is the view I have from my vantage point while pushing the stroller.

I have been running since 2007  when I made a New Year’s resolution to start. In my life I had never cared to run before, but wanted to try something new. I completed my first half marathon that year.  Since then I have had times off from running, but I always come back. I decided this week to start building my mileage again by follow CP25K. I went out by myself on Monday. Precious valuable alone time without the kids. I enjoyed it and yet it felt lonely. Today, I went out for my second run of the week. My little guy was in the livingroom as I was prepping to go out for my run. He wanted to join me and I thought, “Why not?”.

Jogging with the boy in the BOB is nothing new. I bought the jogging stroller soon after he was born in 2010 with the intention of getting back to running asap. Having a newborn made me tired and really overwhelmed. Some moms really have it altogether. I wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t until Bubba was 6 months old that I really started using it consistently. Once we got going on our routine, Bubba loved our runs. He would ride while Aunt Fifi and Mama ran. On particularly difficult portions of our route, the boy would seem to cheer us on with his noises and babble.

When I was pregnant with Little Miss, I ran through the first half of my pregnancy. Once I got too huge, we walked. All the while, Bubba rode in the stroller, enjoying every minute of the scenery. Once Sissy was born, my stroller runs/walks became very infrequent. I bought a Double BOB, which is what I use most often now that I have the two kids. I thought I might sell the single jogger, but I can’t seem to part with it.

My life situation doesn’t allow for many opportunities to go out for a run; just the boy, single BOB, and me. When the boy climbed into the seat, he immediately took the position I had seen him take many times before. Once he had the body control and strength, he would sit straight up in the stroller seat, chubby hands gripping the bar in front of him, looking as if he was experiencing everything for the first time, eager to see the world. Seeing this, I was reminded of how much I loved it and I wanted to burn the image into my mind so I wouldn’t forget, especially since those hands gripping the bar now, are less the chubby hands of a baby and more the hands of a little boy.

The CP25K is a program that slowly builds up mileage combining walking and running. As the weeks progress, the running portions become longer and the walking becomes much less until you are running 3 miles straight. As you might imagine, week one is lots of walking. On the running portions the boy would yell, “Whoa, we are going fast. Like a race car.” Seriously, every time. It made me smile and encouraged me to run a little bit faster. We would talk on the walking portions. Mostly me explaining why we weren’t going fast anymore.

On one of the walking portions, he said to me, ” This is beautiful!”

“What are you looking at?” I asked.

“The clouds”, he said.

The clouds WERE particularly beautiful. They were the puffy, white, silver lined clouds that appear after the rain when the sun and blue sky are trying to peek through. On a normal day, I might have noticed them and even appreciated them. My child helped me actually see them. I guess this is why I enjoy spending time with him. He shows me things that I might have forgotten or maybe never even cared about.

In the end I was glad I brought the boy along. He helped me enjoy my run more than if I had gone by myself. While I do need solitary time away from the kids, I realize I want to be with them more than I don’t.

The boy in the BOB.
The boy in the BOB.

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